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Red Ribbon Week

Drug Free Looks Like Me.™

Barstow Elementary will celebrate Red Ribbon Week October 25-29. We will celebrate each day of the week in the following way:

Monday, October 25 — Our School Rocks!...the RED!
Wear RED to support a healthy lifestyle.

Tuesday, October 26 — HAPPY!
Show what "happy" looks like on you when you make healthy choices...wear a smile on your face, a "happy" shirt on your body, and happy, fun socks on your feet!

Wednesday, October 27 — PROUD to be me!
Stand tall and proud of making healthy choices. Show your pride by wearing red, white, and blue today.

Thursday, October 28 — Look at me, I'm so BRIGHT!
Smart people make healthy choices. Show how "bright" you are by wearing bright colors today!

Friday, October 29 — You are BOO-tiful!
You are boo-tiful just the way you are. Make healthy choices for yourself and others. Wear black and orange or Halloween-themed shirts.